lately you’ve brought so much light into my world that I don’t know where the happiness begins or ends. and for the first time in such a long time I smile all day. I hang on every word that leaves your lips; waiting for the next story or random fact about yourself. I’m waiting for you to wrap your hands around mine while you drive us on our next adventure. it’s a beautiful story, like you said. and I’m drowning in every look, glance and stolen peek. I’m absolutely in love with this whole feeling. I’m mesmerized and whole heartedly invested. it’s scary but completely and absolutely wonderful. I’ve never been so head over heels. no ones ever treated me with such kindness and respect.



Don’t make jokes about us sleeping together. Don’t sit there and talk about anything sexual with me. Don’t flirt with me. AND don’t tell me all about the hot suicide girl who woke you up in the middle of the night to “cuddle”. Why the fuck would I want to know that. You realize I’m still in love…